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Empowering Modern Communication.

Founded in 2020, Synccos is at the forefront of revolutionizing business communication.

Born in an era of digital transformation, our mission is to provide cutting-edge VoIP solutions that are accessible, reliable, and tailored to meet the needs of businesses worldwide.


Why Choose Synccos?

Quality & Reliability

With Synccos, expect crystal-clear calls and unmatched uptime, ensuring you're always connected.


Our transparent, scalable pricing models are designed to support your growth without breaking the bank.

Global Connectivity

Make international calls at local rates and establish your presence anywhere in the world with ease.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated team is here around the clock to help your communication systems run smoothly.

Our Promise

At Synccos, we combine integrity, innovation, and a customer-first approach to not just meet, but exceed your communication needs. As your partner, we’re dedicated to helping you navigate the future of work with solutions that bring your team and customers closer together.

Join the Synccos family and experience the future of communication today.


Features Outlines of system

Activity Tracking

Monitors and records call logs, durations, and user actions for productivity analysis and auditing.

Call Center Management

Optimizes call center operations with tools for agent management, call queueing, and performance metrics.

Call Routing

Automatically directs incoming calls to the right recipient based on predefined rules, improving efficiency.


Enables instant text messaging within the VoIP system for quick, internal communication.

Electronic Faxes

Sends and receives faxes electronically, converting them to digital formats for ease of management.

Real-Time Reporting

Provides immediate insights into VoIP system usage and performance, aiding quick decision-making.

Reporting & Statistics

Generates detailed reports on system usage and communication patterns for strategic planning.

SMS Messaging

Allows sending and receiving text messages through the VoIP system for versatile communication.

Trend Analysis

Analyzes communication data over time to identify patterns and inform future decisions.

Video Conferencing

Facilitates real-time video meetings with features like HD video and screen sharing, essential for remote collaboration.


Integrations with over 250 CRM apps

Why Synccos

ConnectME Module

Seamless Teamwork

Connect anywhere, any device - teamwork without borders.

Easy Integration

Plug into productivity - connectME enhances your workflow effortlessly.

Action Track Module

Instant Insights

Data-driven decisions in real-time with action track.

Performance Clarity

See team performance clearly, act confidently.

Combined Value

Unified Communication

Connectivity and intelligence combined - driving business forward.


Equip your business for tomorrow - today.

Efficiency Boost

Streamline work, unlock productivity with our VoIP solution.

Customized Success

Your business, our tech - a tailored path to success.


Connect anywhere, any devices


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